Bio Strip Till / by Chad Branton

This winter we are looking into adding an air seeder box onto our drill to use as a dual purpose fertilizer system and a bio strip till option to be used when planting cover crops. A little background on the bio strip till concept, previously planted using precision planters or interseeding rigs. Cover crops chosen to scavenge nutrients and create a good seedbed such as radish and buckwheat or oats were planted in the same row configuration as the following crop, mainly corn. In the spring the corn would be no till planted directly into the bio strip till rows utilizing the benefits of the cover crop. The drawbacks that i could see from planting cover crops this way are that weeds could flourish in between the rows of cover crops. By adding a seeder box to our drill i plan on planting varieties of cover crop that are good for bio strip till in the rows where the corn planter will follow and use the box metering system on the drill to plant other varieties that will suppress weeds and fix nitrogen in the all the other rows. As we progress with integrating this concept into our system I will post more information and photographs on our progress.